General Convening Recap
7/28 and 7/29

Today’s Goals
  • Intro for new folks
  • Share what you want to learn and what you can offer the community

A copy of the slides from today’s session can be found here

What we want to learn, what we can share spreadsheet feel free to update this throughout the summer!

Questions for Hats & Ladders/Juliette Adams
  • Milestone document and YDI PBL recommendation should guide what should happen week to week.
  • Validating hours – how do providers know what to do here?
    • Juliette – will be sent out Friday. Hours will be capped at max for that week. Anything in excess of those hours will be rolled to the following week. Providers can overwrite. 
    • Juliette – bulk of issues we’re hearing are on kids logging in before providers had a chance to orient, she’s taking that back to their team.
  • Juliette – two bugs happening. First, out of 27K records in system, 600 have issues with them. 600 kids have issues logging in. Make sure way they enrolled is redone, this will make sure it comes to H&L correctly. Second, some kids reporting that their time isn’t adding up. Way they calculate time isn’t based on log-in/log-out, estimate time based on ladders. Counting time based on finishing self-reflections on a ladder. Not just counting based on time that it’s open. If they took longer than the estimate, that’s unfortunately not counted. 
  • So can students do their hats and ladders time whenever works with their schedule instead of on our official scheduled timeā€©?
    • Yes, as long as they complete thr 5 or 10 hours per week required for their payroll. If they decide to do 20 hours, that time will count and be rolled forward. 
  • Reach out to Juliette at: with any other questions. Will make sure to have H&L folks at these meetings each week. 
    • YES can provide cash assistance for teens who were unable to submit required documents (social security card, proof of income, proof of address) to participate in a summer internship program. Please contact Candace Brazier Thurman,, for more information.
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