General & Educator Convenings – Workplace Challenges
8/12, 10AM, 5PM – Recap

Today’s Goals
  • Welcome UAU youth!
  • Temperature Check Zoom Poll
  • FISHBOWL. Hear from partnering orgs about how to plan for Workplace Challenges
    • Grant Associates (10AM)
    • Pencil (5PM)
    • Commonpoint Queens
  • BREAKOUTS to support your interests

To Recap the Sessions

  • Etherpad (you may have to do some scrolling)  
    • Slides , including everyone’s presentations 
  • 5PM Materials
    • Recording of the main session – Password: kdhN*c3e
      • RECOMMENDED that you check out Alexandra’s presentation if you are interested in meaningfully integrating a WPC and supporting students socio-emotionally!
    • Slides, including everyone’s presentations

Resources from Presenters