Schedule Building Convening Recap
7/21 and 7/22

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A copy of the slides from today’s session can be found here


  • Natalie Martinez, HANAC
  • Meredith Summs, Mouse


What are your challenges right now?

  • Knowing which providers and how many will be using the curriculum we created +1
  • How will we communicate broadly with the facilitators at our SYEP partners (for updates/issues/office hours)?
  • Making sure providers are aware of our services +1+1+1
  • How can we promote our curriculum and our career panels directly to SYEP providers? +1
  • How can we follow up with providers who have expressed interest in out curriculum but have not responded
  • Flexibility of hours on provider side–we have specific requirements for hours for our program that conflict with provider requirements
  • Ensuring that youth who applied to our program prior to Summer Bridge are chosen by the SYEP provider to attend our program.
  • Connecting with providers to establish and confirm use of curriculum and get sign-ups for SYEP facilitator PD sessions
  • Working with multiple providers and each provider having different schedules, how will we be able to keep track of hours
  • Putting together all the moving pieces and disseminating information to my team. Selecting content partners 


What do you think will be your challenges one week from now? 

  • I can imagine participants may want to switch providers because they are not interested in what they initially chose
  • Zoom and technical challenges for school based providers
  • Getting the word out about career panel webinars
  • Working with multiple providers on scheduling and support for PD and self-directed curriculum
  • Methods for communicating activity hours between SYEP providers and content partners on a regular basis


Questions, Tips and Tricks
Please drop any questions, tips or tricks you have about schedule building or anything else below
  • DYCD is looking for presentations to utilize as promotional examples of the program this summer. However, they are putting it on the providers to choose what they share
  • Just an idea- I am guessing that content providers could volunteer to be the industry partner and attend the final presentations
  • We are holding a college readiness program. and are having the students develop presentations/videos/online jeopardy game based on what they learn that week
  • How are you choosing additional content providers besides the required ones?